A Flexible & Proven Process

Van Acker delivers an unparalleled construction experience, process and flexibility for unique construction projects. We offer value to our clients in the form of craft, diligence and efficiency proven over the past 25 years.

Our Associates represent a commitment to building; an expertise and deep understanding of the design process allows Van Acker to manage and support projects from their inception through construction, to completion and closeout. 

Van Acker Associates embodies an accumulation of knowledge and experience in construction practice that has yielded a preeminent portfolio of completed residences and commercial buildings.

Our relationships with renowned professionals and visionaries in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design, Engineering, and Systems Consulting allows the diverse Van Acker staff to continue to provide these leading components of building development, construction and service.

General Contracting & Construction Management:


Project Inception

Project Inception

What has become the typical engagement between Van Acker and the Client begins with a project's earliest development, which can include property purchase. Van Acker is active in the early assessments and feasibility studies to define whether a property will meet a client’s goals both financially and logistically. 

Our thorough process of property due diligence is multifaceted. Deed related study for the purchase agreement clarifies any civil or assessor related issues. Survey determination for property infrastructure affords an understanding of cost and impact for utility services, upgrades or the need for new egress. Early entitlement determinations are reviewed concerning the planning process; this considers the impact of town, city, county, and state planning regulations with a focus on historic evaluation. To establish buildable options based on early design program criteria, we provide a cursory review of local building rules, regulation, and code. 

Our efforts — whether we are acting unaided or engaged with an owners rep and/or design professionals — have proved successful in eliminating risk, assisting with purchase negotiations, and creating a good development slate for the Client and Design Development Team.

  • Overall Property Due Diligence
  • Early Planning and Historic Review
  • Early Feasibility Studies, Costs and Build-Ability
  • Compile Due Diligence for Purchase Completion
  • Create a clear canvas for Schematic Design Development with the Design Consultancy

Preconstruction & Entitlements

Preconstruction & Entitlements

The Van Acker Preconstruction & Entitlement related effort is the most pivotal scope of work: it determines the schedule, cost, and quality that shape a project within the overall development process. This informs the client, design team, and contractor, thereby creating a map for Architectural, Landscape, Civil, and Structural development to actuate the entitlement and permitting process. The overall process is broken down into phases, thus establishing the preconstruction timeline and budget, during which the consultant contracts and preconstruction agreements are also negotiated and executed.

Five phases define this part of the construction process: 

The Schematic phase concludes the Project Inception phase. At this time, the design consultant team is identified so as to create the roadmap for schematic design. 

We commence the Design Development phase with schematic design pricing, resolution of consultant contracts, introduction of interior design, and development of the architectural planning submittal.

Planning and permitting marks the completion of the entitlement process through public presentations to gain project approval. 

The Construction Document Development phase is the creation of the ‘CDs’ (Construction Documents): a realization of the project on paper through the collaboration of the consultants. We follow this initial ‘CD’ development effort with a preliminary budget, which helps define the conceptual cost of the project plan with greater accuracy.

The Bidding phase denotes the near complete ‘CD’ package, whereby we engage the sub-contractors in the final bidding process to generate the control estimate for client presentation and approval.

  • Schematic Design: Cost, Quality, Schedule
  • Design Development
  • Entitlements: Presentations, Planning, Permitting
  • Construction Document Development
  • Bidding & Completion of Control Estimate

Construction Services

Construction Services

In support of the overall project goals, Construction Services include continued coordination and collaboration with the design team (including updating the ‘CDs’, Requests for Information [RFIs], and Submittals) to provide accurate transmission of information to the site, and from the site to the design team; this actualizes effective change management. More importantly, it provides efficient cost reporting on changes, tracking approvals and, finally, the coordination of this information with the site into ‘work in progress.’

The handling of information in a coordinated, problem solving effort adds value by providing material and equipment recommendations based on experience and best practices. We consistently look for gaps in information and provide input to reconcile construction related issues while honoring the design team’s intent, whether that be through the RFI process, drawing review, or submittals. 

Construction support also takes the form of providing guidance (e.g. the integration of all low-voltage systems, which include security, AV, telecom, data and climate control), including development of the performance specifications (e.g. programming, infrastructure, hardware, and software) all with consideration for client training and support.

  • Effective Problem Solving: Honoring Cost, Quality, Design
  • Onsite Construction Management & Logistics
  • Design & Documentation Support
  • Technology & Systems Integration
  • Installation of Finishes, Furnishings, Art

Close out and Warranty

Close out and Warranty

Close out and Warranty, which includes education and close out documents, is organized in a top down, high to low priority format in coordination with the client, the client’s estate manager, and service personnel. The project close out documentation provides a full overview of the completed project, both for reference and for service maintenance. All completed items are documented and organized relative to an operational perspective — and not a construction perspective — starting at the highest priority level emergency action. 

Subcontractor Contacts are the primary starting point within well crafted service documentation, allowing easy navigation of system operation instructions, emergency shut off procedures, care and cleaning, including maintenance schedules. All of the above are coordinated onto construction as-built drawings (which include all underground and underslab piping and service points) and into specific product binders (with the fixtures, fittings, and equipment literature, which encompasses product specs and maintenance information).

All of this is provided in both hard copy and digital formats. Additionally, required service contracts for maintenance of systems and equipment are provided to the client and their staff.

  • Full Documentation from an Operations Perspective
  • All Equipment Labeled
  • Care, Cleaning & Maintenance Schedules
  • Organization of Warranty Information
  • Final Construction Documentation Assembly (As-Builts)

Ongoing Service

Ongoing Service

Van Acker has developed our service group out of a labor force that has gained their experience through the construction of complicated projects. The team is comprised of employees that have knowledge and experience in all phases of construction. More specifically, they are the individuals who have consistently aided the construction team, designers, and art installers, as well as assisted owners throughout the move in process. This group of multi-faceted ‘mechanics’ works closely with estate managers and staff to provide assistance with general maintenance, small projects, and emergencies.

The service team has the ability to price, schedule and perform expeditiously and competently to ensure exceptional service on all fronts. We pride ourselves in understanding the steps and care that will guarantee the quality of construction is maintained and upkeep managed effectively. We act as an extension of the client’s personal staff and our ability to respond to emergencies is unrivalled due to our relationships with the subcontractor community. We are service first in all aspects of what we do.

  • Maintenance, Care, Updates
  • Small Project Development
  • Response to Emergencies
  • Considerate Presentation & Communication
  • Knowledgeable & Dedicated